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A Tribute to The Smiths & Morrissey



•THE MUSIC SLUT INTERVIEW: ‘8 Questions with The Sons & Heirs’

“[Ronnissey’s] on-stage movements are nearly identical to those of Morrissey (it’s almost uncanny)”

•SWEETNEY.COM ARTICLE: ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’

“tell me that doesn’t sound pretty spot-on. SO I CAN THEN TELL YOU HOW FUCKING WRONG YOU ARE, DAMMIT”


“A concert by the Sons & Heirs is about as close as you’re going to get [to a Smiths reunion].”

•THE MUSIC SLUT REVIEW: ‘The Sons & Heirs @ Canal Room: Handsome Devils ‘

“…the 4-piece can imitate the legendary Brits to a T”

•AM NY PREVIEW: Morrissey Birthday show May 22, 2008

“…A first class tribute band”

•PHILEBRITY.COM REVIEW: Morrissey Philly after party March 22, 2009

“The Sons & Heirs…sounded more like The Smiths than any band, professional cover or otherwise, has any right to. Seriously uncanny.”

•PHILLY2PHILLY PREVIEW: Filling That Void August 21, 2009

“The Sons and Heirs exist to create an experience missing from our lives. Something none of us will get to experience again

•PHILLY GIRL ABOUT TOWN INTERVIEW: Reader Meet Author August 21, 2009

“The Sons & Heirs are filling in the black hole left in the hearts of thousands by a still-legendary group.

•THE MUSIC SLUT REVIEW: The Sons & Heirs @ The Bellhouse: Take A Bow January 9, 2010

“My favorite tribute band of all time performed a tremendous ninety minute set which even included a guest appearance by Andy Rourke (the Smith played bass on ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’). Epic.

•DUNCECAP QUARTERLY REVIEW: Heaven Knows They Do a Good Smiths Impression January 9, 2010

“In an era where commentary on art is itself art, the Sons and Heirs truly manage to epitomize the concept.

•SPINNER.COM: Bassist Andy Rourke Jams With Smiths Tribute Band In Brooklyn

“Sons & Heirs are four guys whose abilities propel them over the “uncanny divide.