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A Tribute to The Smiths & Morrissey


Q: Are you a “cover band”?

We are technically a tribute band, which means that our goal is to authentically recreate the experience of seeing The Smiths live during their brief touring career (’82-’86). From a musical standpoint, this means that we faithfully follow the band’s live arrangements, shunning any artistic liberties that a musician may be tempted to indulge in when covering a song. From a sonic standpoint, we have assembled instruments and technology which are as close as possible to what they actually used. Visually, each of us tries to embody the style, spirit and energy of their corresponding member.


Q: Do you perform Morrissey solo material?

Yes, we do, although we focus on material from The Smiths. We respect the notion that Morrissey is a currently touring artist and deserves your money. We also have a deep appreciation for the unique musical, sonic, political and aesthetic moment that The Smiths were, and believe they left a gaping void in music when they split.


Q: Do you take requests?

If we can do a song justice, we may. If it hasn’t been rehearsed in a while or is too obscure to be in our regular rotation, we’d rather not offend you by giving it a hapless attempt. If you’d like to hear something in particular, please feel free to reach out to us at band (at)